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1. TLM Money from VVN is provided to procure TLM from time to time as per the requirement. Single section Vidyala Rs 1000. Settled in the same month,
2. Xerox Machine Is there for Primary Section Used for photocopying activity sheets.
3. Resource Room NO separate Resource Room ,attached with the computer room. T.V, VCD,OHP Computer are there and used frequently by different subject teachers for T. Aids.
4. Class Library Librarian has issued books as per class strength to the class teachers. Library teachers are issuing the books in rotation to all the students.
5. Class Supervision Principal Sir has been supervising classes as per the norms. Follow up action is taken as per his valuable suggestion in the record.
6. Block Periods Block periods have been allotted as per the CMP. TAL and group discussion are conducted .
7. CCA Separate CCA are conducted as per the calendar of activities. Maximum participation with qualitative improvement. Winners are suitably encouraged in the morning Assembly.
8. Medical Check up Medical Check  Up done on 29.09.2013 and next schedule  date 12th February 2014.
9. Grandparents Day .Tentative date of celebration 7th September 2012.
10. Educational Excursion Excursion to Jharsuguda air port and sundargarh KV on 23.02.2014
11. Movies Entertaining &Educational movies are shown in the Resource Room once every fortnight. More than 30 movies are already shown in the Resource Room.
12 &13. Corporal Punishment & Child abuse. No case is there in our school.
14. Spoken English No contractual teachers were available for spoken English. So Subject teachers are teaching by referring to the content as per Let’s Talk Portions in the English Text Book.
15. Newsletter Newsletter distributed A glimpse of the activities conducted under CMP from april to sept’2014 .

Mr. S. Purty, PRINCIPAL,K.V.Kutra



Sl.No. Initiative Class Learning objectives initially envisaged Learning objectives realised or not Name of the teacher in-charge
1 School readiness programme I To get them acquainted with the school environment to make them feel a second house away from home Realized Miss Arti Deep Chandra Tirkey
2 Educational Films I  TO V To develop interest in the knowledge other than text books Film shown August—
1.Luka chhupi
2. Delhi safari  etc.
3 Community Lunch I to V To develop the feeling of oneness and enhance positive behaviour done  twice. Mr. Alok patel
Mr.Bijay sahoo
And all class teachers
4 Communicative skills I to V To enhance the skill of communication with the teacher & fellow members Realized All Teachers
5 Excursion I to V To learn about environment &other useful materials done in february-2014. Mr. Aditya Kumar 
Mr.Ajay Kumar Pradhan
Mr. S.J.P.Senapati
6 Grand Parents Day I to V To develop sense of respect and obligation to elders done in the month of November-2014. Miss. Arti Tirkey
Mr. Ajay Kumar Pradhan
7 Inter House Drama Competition I to V For exposure of self-competency & to develop spirit of competition Realized Mr. Aditya Kumar 
Mr. Ajay kumar Pradhan
Miss. Arti Tirkey
8 Framing time table as per CMP I TO v To facilitate the children for enjoyable learning Realized Mr Bholanath Karali
Mr Bijay ku Sahoo
9 Class room Library I to V To develop learning habit Functioning Mr. Augustine Jojo
Concerned class teachers
10 Games & Sports I to V To develop team spirit &discipline realized Miss Arti Tirkey
Mr.Aditya Kumar 
Mr.Ajay Kumar Pradhan
Mr. S.J.P.Senapati
11 Outside Participation I to V For individual exposure Realized Mr.Bholanath Karali
12 Newsletter I to V Wide publicity of talents released in the end of September Mr Alok Patel
Mr Bholanath karali
Mr Bijay Sahoo
Mr. Aditya Kumar
13 Use of PowerPoint I to V To learn electronic media for different purposes Done by each teacher as needed and possible subject teachers
14 Develop of competencies I to V To be skilled & popular Realized Miss.Arti Tirkey
Mr.Aditya Kumar
Mr.Alok patel
15 Meeting with parents I to V Communicating regarding performance of children done after the SA-II Exam all Teachers

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